Can I wear slim fit, black pants & a jacket with a tunic top to a job interview? The tunic top shows 3″ below the jacket. I am very petite (5’2″, 102 lbs). I will be interviewing for an educator’s position.

jacket_w_blouse_showingxIt sounds like you have a nice figure ((5’2″, 102 lbs). You should look very professional and stylish wearing slim fit, black pants, a black jacket and a tunic top. Today it is accepted to wear tops that show below jackets. Wear classic jewelry like pearls and go light on the makeup. Good luck getting the job.

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Time to Dress for A Job Interview
Time to dress for the job interview. You have managed to get through several phone interviews and you are meeting a prospective employer in person.  How you look and what you wear are soooo important. The first impression you make has to be good if you want to get that job. Obviously they are interested in you since you have managed to secure an in person interview.

How to Dress for a Successful Job Interview
The job market at the moment is VERY competitive. I know…I am one of the competitors! Much of what goes into looking for a job is important. Your resume has to look good to get you in the door.  Most people are so excited when an interview comes around that often what to wear to the job interview becomes more of an issue than it used to be.  Believe it or not what you wear is a bigger part of a great first impression than you imagine. Good first impressions are so important!!

How to Dress For a Job Interview

What to Wear to a Job Interview

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