Can I wear silver jewelry or gun metal colored jewelry? I am wearing a boat neck leopard sweater dress w/ 3/4 sleeves with black leggings & black patent leather pumps.

Can I wear silver jewelry or gun metal colored jewlery?Silver Jewelry is chic, elegant, versatile and always in style.  Both silver jewelry and  gun metal color jewelry are both neutral in color and will work with most colors. A boat neck leopard sweater dress with 3/4 sleeves, black leggings and black patent leather pumps should look fine with silver or gun-metal colored jewelry. You might try mixing metals. The right jewelry makes an outfit stylish.

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The Art of Layering Jewelry
Layering is a popular asset when it comes to personal style and layering jewelry is a great way to make your own unique fashion statement to any outfit! So here are a few ways to inspire and cultivate your current jewelry wardrobe.

Jewelry That Makes A Statement
Jewelry that makes a statement sends a message about who you are and what you value, conveys confidence and can make an outfit chic. I think what you notice first about someone is their personal statement. A piece of jewelry that catches your eye when you see a woman qualifies as a “statement” piece of jewelry. Something that stands out from everything else.

How to Wear a Brooch
An attractive brooch can turn an ordinary outfit into something fabulous. The brooch can go in an out of style but a brooch is a classic jewelry piece to own. In fact it is fun to have more than two or three.  Brooches come in a variety of materials, styles and sizes and are very versatile jewelry pieces that can be worn with casual or dressy clothes.