Can I wear a pink / rose color dress for an evening dinner?

Can I wear a pink / rose color dress for an evening dinner?A pink / rose color dress will look fabulous for a dinner event. Colorful clothes are very “in style” and convey energy and a youthful attitude. If you need a wrap or covering, a white or cream color cashmere cardigan sweater will keep you warm and look very good with a pink / rose color dress. Questions to ask yourself when deciding what to wear are: 1. Is the color & style flattering on me? 2. Is the outfit age appropriate? and 3. Is the outfit I am wearing right for the occasion? Once these questions are answered you are good to go with confidence.

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Party Dress Codes
It is almost always exciting and fun when a party invitation arrives. However sooner or later we have to start to think about what we will wear. When types of “dress codes” are indicated such as “smart casual”, “semi-formal,” “vineyard casual”, “festive”,  “cocktail chic” or etc. it can throw us for a loop. Where should one begin to figure out what any of these types of dress codes mean?

How To Wear Color and Look Great
If you have a good figure, you don’t need to be afraid of wearing a bright color dress, skirt or slacks in sunny yellow, hot pink, emerald green, etc. However, in general large women should use bright colors sparingly.

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