What can I wear to perform my sister & her fiancee’s wedding ceremony? It’s in July & it’s a nontraditional event & they are incorporating a lot of Moroccan colors. They are not wearing the traditional dress/tux or suit. I want to look classic but not stuffy, timeless & pretty but not like I’m trying too hard.

What can I wear  to perform my sister & her fiancee's wedding ceremony?What an honor to be asked to perform your sister & her fiancé’s wedding ceremony. The bride is always or should be the “main event” at every wedding. July is usually warm so look for something in a classic style. (You don’t want to upstage the bride.) A dress and jacket or pant suit that flatters your figure type would be appropriate and comfortable in July. You can accessorize your outfit with a colorful scarf if necessary. Keep the jewelry and makeup simple.

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