What can I wear with grunge boots?

What can I wear with grunge boots?Grunge boots are combat style footwear and they are extremely versatile, modern and edgy. Casual clothing and young people come to mind at first when you hear grunge or combat boots but grunge style boots can rock a cocktail dress too. You can wear your grunge boots with jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts and dresses. Can older women look chic wearing combat boots? Like with any NEW fashion trend it is a little tricker to wear them as you age. However if you have a good figure and pair your boots with a flattering outfit it can work. Check the mirror before venturing out.


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Victor Tung, Fun Art To Wear
Victor Tung, fun art to wear, is a hidden jewel in San Francisco. His boutique is located at 652 Commercial Street.  If you would like to set yourself apart from the pack and make a fashion statement Tung’s couture is the go to boutique. He designs exquisite fashions for women who live life to its fullest.

Dress to Kill: Bring Your Wardrobe Back to Life!

Spark up your creativity and revamp your wardrobe. Being fashionable isn’t about following trends or being the quintessential sultry goddess we all desire. It doesn’t involve strategically planning each outfit either. So, what does? Ladies, simply working with what you’ve got is the key.

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