Can I wear a fitted skirt with a pair of ankle boots / booties? The skirt is above the knee and the shoes below the ankle.

Can I wear a fitted skirt with a pair of ankle boots / booties? Ankle boots or booties are so hot they have become a staple in women’s wardrobes. Ankle boots and booties that are below the ankle are stylish and can be worn with a fitted pencil skirt. They look awesome with short skirts and tights. You can try your below the ankle boots with a pair of thick socks, a dress and tights for an edgy look. Wear things if they look good together and are flattering on you after you try them on together and you do a mirror test.

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Shoes Every Woman Must Own
Shoes have tremendous transformative power. They can make or break your look, and along with that your mood. But too many of them require you to be too careful when you have them on. While the diversity in the shoe department is like a gift from God, it also makes us lose sight of which are the must-haves and which are simply there because they look good but don’t necessarily do anything for you.

Season of the Shoe
It is the season of the shoe. There seems to be a move away from the platform shoe and stiletto heels this Fall. The fashion forward and early adopter divas will be dancing the night away in evening sneakers with cocktail dresses or evening gowns and wearing pointy toe oxford flats with slouchy pants and loose dresses.