Can I wear a color coordinated, chunky necklace with a multi colored dress? The dress is a maxi halter, key hole style. It’s for a spring wedding.

dress_multi_color_keyholexGo ahead and give the chunky necklace a mirror test with your dress to see how it looks. If you think it looks chic go for it. If not try a necklace in a solid color that’s in the dress.  Your multi colored, maxi, halter, key hole style dress sounds fabulous and should look great for a spring wedding.  A multi color dress is a statement in itself and might look better without a color coordinated chunky necklace.

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Jewelry That Makes A Statement
Jewelry that makes a statement sends a message about who you are and what you value, conveys confidence and can make an outfit chic. I think what you notice first about someone is their personal statement. A piece of jewelry that catches your eye when you see a woman qualifies as a “statement” piece of jewelry. Something that stands out from everything else.

How to Wear Colorful Jewelry
Even women who love color are sometimes concerned about how exactly to wear colorful jewelry. It’s easier than you think! And certain to help make your personal style and flair shine through in a most distinctive and beautiful way.

How to Care For Your Jewelry
Jewelry is one of our most intimate and cherished accessories. An elegant pair of pearl and platinum earrings, for example, makes an individual statement, nestled against the skin and resplendent in lustrous light. Yet, according to experts at the nonprofit GIA, chemicals found in everyday substances like hairspray, lotions, perfumes, or other cosmetics can permanently damage the nacre of your dazzling pearl, and can corrode the alloys in that shiny setting. Understanding how to care for your treasured jewelry can make a world of difference in maintaining its beauty and keeping its heirloom quality sparkling for generations to come.