How can you wear capes?

How can you wear capes?Capes are festive, chic and magical. They come in a variety of lengths and are more versatile than coats. Capes look best with slim silhouettes that offset the cape’s volume. Slim pants or jeans look very stylish with capes. Capes work well when worn over a blazer or layers of tops with tights and boots. They can add drama to any outfit. A cape is awesome over an evening gown for the holidays!

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Shopping for a Winter Coat
Fall is a good time to look for a winter coat. There are more styles available and a greater selection of sizes to be had before the selections are picked over. A winter coat is an investment piece and should keep you warm. Quality is important so don’t be afraid of allocating more of your wardrobe dollars for this purchase.

Where do designers get their inspiration?
Some fashion brands deliver new collections twice a year, some every three months and some monthly, and whilst it’s often one designer who heads up a brand, behind every jacket, purse or shoe, there is a large team, working hard to develop and produce the goods in the right colour and for the right price.

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