How can I style a white lace dress? I am thinking of purchasing a white lace dress for summer.

How can I style a white lace dress?How you style a white lace dress depends on the style of the lace dress you purchase. Choose a simple style lace dress (avoid ruffled styles). Keep your makeup  and accessories simple.  Simple leather sandals and a leather bag in tan or neutral/ bone color would look stylish. A lace dress makes a statement. Purchase quality and opt for simple gold or pearl earrings.

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Lace This Seasons Hottest Trend
Lace is enjoying a comeback! It’s not just for weddings, christenings and lingerie anymore, lace has crept into everyday as well as dressy clothing. Accessory designers have jumped on the lace band wagon too. Handbags trimmed in lace, stilettos, collars and even lace print on eyeglass frames can add a trendy touch to your wardrobe.

Spring 2014 Fashion Trends: Empowered Women
This spring 2014 designers are taking into consideration the strong and independent woman. Fashion is about women wearing what they want and there is something for every woman in the spring 2014 fashion collections. Exaggerations are the norm: hemlines are high or low, trousers are tight or wide and shoes have sky high heels or are with flat soles.  There are many very feminine, easy and wearable clothing styles to choose from.

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