How can I style a slip dress?

How can I style a slip dress?How can I style a slip dress?

A slip dress is ever-versatile and can be styled in many ways. The slip dress is sexy looking and a comfortable option especially in warm weather. However slip dresses are better on the young that can dare to show a lot of skin.


When deciding on a slip dresses look for different neckline styles such as halter necks or racer back styles instead of the traditional low-cut nightgown neckline. Hemlines that fall around the knees or longer are more stylish. Stay away from extreme slits and thigh high slip dress styles that look like they belong in the bedroom and can look cheap instead of chic. For a more covered up look layer your slip dress with a turtleneck or crew-neck sweater. Also fabrics that wrinkle too easily should be avoided. Look for wrinkle resistant fabrics with polyester.

Choose your accessories carefully to avoid the lingerie look. A hat, statement necklace or earrings and a bracelet or two and structured handbags or clutches are best and will give you a stylish look. Or wrap up your outfit with a belt for another idea.

Your choice of footwear will depend on if you are going casual or dressy. A chunky style like stacked heel sandals, wedges, high-top sneakers, platforms or ankle boots will work with a casual look but pair with strappy sandals or something more feminine for dressy and evening events.

Add a blazer, a jacket in fur, denim or leather, faux fur or cardigan sweater to pull your outfit together.

Hair in the boudoir is messy. Wear your hair in a simple, sleek style or up do to avoid a bedroom look. Bold lipstick or bold eye makeup are more appropriate than a no makeup look which is associated more with the bedroom.

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