How can I style a sheer skirt?

How can I style a sheer skirt?Sheer skirts are very popular in a variety of lengths. There are a number of ways to style sheer skirts.  Wear a sheer skirt over pants or shorts with a cropped top. You can also layer a tunic style top or sweater over a sheer skirt or wear a dress over a sheer skirt.  Experiment with different tops / covers to see what looks good together and flattering on you. Tall slim women look the most attractive wearing layers. Avoid layering if you are short.

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The Best Long Term Investments: Great Basics
The constant barrage of news about the rapidly changing financial markets and the need to change our spending habits makes this a challenging time to be fashionable.  But take heart, this is a perfect time to survey our wardrobes, reconsider some of our purchases and eliminate those that don’t do us justice.

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We have a tradition in our family.  We go to a movie every day during the holiday season from December 25th right through to New Year’s Day. It’s a fun tradition that I always look forward to. One of my favorite movies was “Up in the Air.” George Clooney plays the main character, an executive, who travels around the country to fire people. He has no life to speak of.  He carries all he needs in one wheel-away suitcase.