How can I pack for a trip to North Africa in June? I’ll be there for 5 weeks visiting with my family & friends.

 How can I pack for a trip to North Africa in June?Sounds like a wonderful trip. Build your trip wardrobe around one color (blue, black, khaki) and bring everything that goes with that color. Pants and knit T’s are easy to pack and comfortable to wear traveling. Bring scarfs and jewelry to vary the looks of your outfits. Since you will be gone for 5 weeks you will be doing laundry while you are there so don’t take too many clothes. It is much easier to keep track of things and will make your trip more enjoyable. You can buy a few things there to add to your wardrobe for memories of your trip.

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Travel Wardrobe Planning
Travel wardrobe planning is essential for an enjoyable trip. Determine how many days you will be traveling and what activities you’ll be doing. Separates can be mixed and matched easily and you can add variety with colorful scarves and a few pieces of costume jewelry. Dress codes are relaxed today. No need for a lot of dressy clothes unless you are going to a special event like a wedding, etc.

The Science of Smart Packing
With skyrocketing plane fares added to the new trend in charging fees for checked luggage, it makes good sense to pack all your travel gear in a carry-on. It not only saves time, but also ensures that you and your luggage arrive in the same city at the same time and, best of all, it gives you peace of mind!

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