Can I wear a formal shirt & belt with formal pants? It’s for an official presentation.

Can I wear a formal shirt & belt with formal pants?If you mean a pair of dress slacks with a leather belt and formal / dress shirt for an official (work related) presentation that should be OK. If it is corporate work related (formal) you should probably wear a jacket and tie. Every company is different. It is a good idea to check with others at the company for the official “dress code” for an official presentation.

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Menswear Macho – Camouflage
Camouflage print is everywhere. It is a fashion forward militaristic print that men feel comfortable wearing. You can find it on sneakers, jackets, suits, etc. Camouflage print  has become a fashion neutral in menswear. It goes well with a lot of pieces or as accent pieces such as pocket squares, hats and gloves.

What does your denim choice say about you?
Have we got you worried? Did you know your denim jeans are broadcasting loud and clear about your attitude and your personality, and that rightly or wrongly, the first impression is one you can’t take back? Below we’ve listed five different types of denim jeans which prompt five different responses, so read on to see what sort of message you’re sending before you’ve even exchanged a greeting with someone.