How can I get Taylor Swift’s look? I’m only an 8th grader & my allowance is limited.

How can I get Taylor Swift's look?Taylor Swift is a very wholesome and beautiful looking female! Do an Internet search for images of Taylor Swift to see how she dresses and take a look at her hair and make up. This will help give you clues on her “Look” and give you some ideas. Your hair color and hair style have to look good on you. Also the style of clothing you wear has to work on your figure type. You are young and can experiment with hair, makeup and clothing to develop your own style. Beautiful grooming and a nice figure are good ways to begin getting her look with simple style clothing that flatters your figure!

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How to Choose a New Hairstyle
Looking for a new hairstyle? Below are some  ways to go about the process.  To choose a new hairstyle, start by looking at pictures of hairstyles in magazines and cut out pictures of the ones you like.

Basic Make-Up Tips
Today make-up is like other fashion, anything goes if it works for you. That means taking into consideration your skin tone, activity, age, etc. Don’t wear too much make-up. The more make-up you wear the older and cheaper you look.

Create A Signature Style
Let’s talk about creating a signature style – a style that expresses your personality, that makes you smile every time you get dressed, that gives the world a clue as to who you are.  Understanding your style will make you a savvier shopper and a smarter dresser.  This is not a quick fix.  It is a lifelong exploration, and with a few key tools you can make it a fun adventure!