How can I find a New look? I’ve recently cut my hair very short. Something in the style of a pixie cut. Now I’m noticing my clothes & jewelry don’t really compliment my hair cut. Before my hair was a couple of inches past my shoulders. I am plus size with a brown complexion & I typically wear neutral & dark slacks/blouses and knee length wrap style dresses. I’m not sure if it’s the colors or the look or both, but it feels like there’s something not quite in sync.

How can I find a New look?A new hair style is a great way to get a new look. Choose clothing styles that flatter your figure type. Tailored dark clothing and wrap dresses are great on plus size ladies. Draw attention to your face and new haircut away from your body. V necklines or scoop necklines or colorful scarfs around your neck should be flattering. Necklines with trim are another way to draw attention upward. Some exciting pieces of jewelry, like great earrings or a statement necklace with your basics will draw attention to your face and new haircut.  Have a complementary makeup done at your favorite cosmetic counter. Concentrate on lip, blush colors and eye makeup to flatter your face.

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Create A Signature Style
Let’s talk about creating a signature style – a style that expresses your personality, that makes you smile every time you get dressed, that gives the world a clue as to who you are.  Understanding your style will make you a savvier shopper and a smarter dresser.  This is not a quick fix.  It is a lifelong exploration, and with a few key tools you can make it a fun adventure!  These 5 steps will get you moving in the right direction:

The Art of Layering Jewelry
Layering is a popular asset when it comes to personal style and layering jewelry is a great way to make your own unique fashion statement to any outfit! So here are a few ways to inspire and cultivate your current jewelry wardrobe.

The Basic Tee
The white tee shirt is an American classic. In terms of style it suits all fashion people whether high fashion divas, cheap, chic fashoinistas, or laid back fashion chicks the basic tee shirt can work in any wardrobe.