Can brides wear black wedding dresses?

Can brides wear black wedding dresses?Black wedding dresses were the fashion during the second half of the 19th century when the color black was  fashionable. Today most brides choose to wear white dresses, the color that is most popular in Western cultures. However, colored wedding dresses are gaining in popularity and there is no rule that says you can’t wear what color dress you would like to on your wedding day. Your wedding day is your day and if you want to be different or have an original look you can wear a black wedding dress. You do not have to please anyone but yourself. Modern women set their own fashions. Possibly a black wedding dress has a practical advantage too, you would get more wearings out of a black gown than a white bridal gown.

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Beautiful Brides Around the World
Take a peak at beautiful brides around the world in their gorgeous bridal gowns. Photos taken in Croatia, Stockholm, Edenburgh, Russia, China, USA, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica and more. White, the symbolic color for weddings, seems to be the most popular color for wedding dresses. However different cultures have different customs. Note Chinese brides favor red as the symbol of luck. Many of our recent brides are wearing shorter dresses and some brides are looking edgy wearing colored shoes. Years ago, for a second marriage one would never wear white. Today, the tradition has changed whether it is a first, second or third wedding, white wedding dresses are acceptable. Once the wedding date is set and the type of wedding is decided, set a budget for the wedding dress and start searching for the perfect wedding dress. (Alllow plenty of time.)

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