Can 45 year olds wear mini skirts?

Can 45 year olds wear mini skirts? Mini skirts are out if you are over 45 with one exception. A mini skirt worn with dark opaque tights or leggings can work if you are 45 or older and have a good figure. In general most women over 40 have unattractive knees. To look your best you don’t want to show off any part of your body that is ugly. As you grow older the less skin you show the better. After you reach 40 the most flattering skirt length is at mid knee or a little higher if you have good-looking legs or a little lower than knee-length if you are taller.

Can 45 year olds wear mini skirts? Can 45 year olds wear mini skirts? Can 45 year olds wear mini skirts?


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