Do I button my jacket or leave it open for a job interview?

Do I button my jacket or leave it open for a job interview?A jacket is very important for a job interview if you want to convey a professional appearance. An open jacket looks a little more casual than a buttoned up jacket. If you want to look more formal or professional wear your jacket buttoned up.

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Time to Dress for A Job Interview
Time to dress for the job interview. You have managed to get through several phone interviews and you are meeting a prospective employer in person.  How you look and what you wear are soooo important. The first impression you make has to be good if you want to get that job. Obviously they are interested in you since you have managed to secure an in person interview.

Power Work Clothes
Tailored style clothing that flatters your figure type is the way to go. Solid colors that look good with your skintone and prints are good as long as the styles you wear are simple. For example Marissa Meyer, CEO, of Yahoo has been seen wearing simple print dresses that fall around her knees. Take cues from successful women in positions of power and your work environment. A colorful or print blouse worn with a tailored suit also looks great.

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