What should I wear to a business dinner at a nice restaurant with my husband? He is taking his upper level employees out to dinner. He thinks I should wear khaki pants. I would like to look classier than that.

What should I wear to a dinner at a nice restaurant with my husband?A lot depends on what type of business dinner it is and what type of restaurant you will be eating at. You can always look nice wearing a pair of solid color pants and a classic shirt with a jacket or a sweater set and heels. Sounds like the event is casual since your husband has suggested that you wear khaki pants. Today young people working in some businesses tend to dress very informally. It is always better to be under dressed than over dressed. Be sure you have an up-to-date hair cut/hair style, flattering make up (natural) and simple jewelry.

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Flattering Hair Lengths for Every Age
So many of my clients have posed the question “What is a flattering hair length for women over 40?” My answer is that it is relative to the individual’s face shape, body proportions and individual style. Really, the same rules apply at any age, the difference being that what worked at 30 may or may not work at 50 or 60, depending on how much these things have changed.

Basic Make-Up Tips
Today make-up is like other fashion, anything goes if it works for you. That means taking into consideration your skin tone, activity, age, etc. Don’t wear too much make-up. The more make-up you wear the older and cheaper you look. Below are some general guidelines on how to apply make-up.