Building a Successful Career is Based on Learning

By R. David Silva


Learning Broadens Your Skill Level

Learning should be looked upon as a lifetime process. Learning is the fundamental building block for building a successful career.  The easiest and most productive learning will occur on the job as you are exposed to new and different challenges. Your company may also have training programs or support off-site educational activities. Be sure to take advantage of any and all opportunities that help you learn more about your field and/or prepare you for a higher level of responsibility.


If the company does not provide you with formalized training, then you should seek out others in the company and engage them in discussions that will give you a broader perspective on how the company does business.  You may also need to supplement your skill levels by attending education training courses offered at local colleges or universities.  Not only will you learn something from the courses and instructors, but you may also run into other career-minded students with whom you can discuss business issues.

Remember if you are not learning anything in your current position, it is probably time to move on either laterally within the company or up the ladder at another firm.  Learning broadens your skill level, should increase your productivity and will make you a more valued contributor.


R. David Silva

Career Editor