How can I build a work wardrobe? I’m in sales & have a limited budget.

How can I build a work wardrobe? Build a work wardrobe to make a great impression and make your wardrobe dollars go further. Looking your best is especially important in sales and will help you be more successful in the sales field. Build a basic wardrobe over time around one basic color (navy, black, brown). Each time you purchase a new item of clothing be sure it goes with that one color. Be sure you purchase a jacket to wear for a more finished look. Since you have a limited budget shop sales and consignment or second-hand clothing stores.

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Office Fashion and Etiquette
Fashion, your appearance and office etiquette, say a multitude about you and can determine how far up the ladder of success you’ll be going. When it comes to fashion at your office know what position and / or title you want to achieve and dress for that position. The way you present yourself says whether you are ” on the ball”.

Power Dressing
There is definitely a double standard for women when it comes to selecting clothing for power positions. Beauty is a commodity and beauty equals power. Dr. Nancy Etcoff, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, reports in her book “Survival of the Prettiest” (1999), that attractive people have long been rewarded for their beauty throughout history. However, when women dress in feminine clothing for business they are not perceived as strong leaders.

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