Selecting Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Bridesmaid's DressesBridesmaid’s Dresses Same Color

One of the first duties of every bride-to-be is to choose her bridesmaid’s dresses and the maid of honor dress and decide what colors and / or style of dresses she would like them to wear at her wedding. It is considerate to discuss with the bridesmaids the style and color of dresses they would prefer to wear on the wedding day.


Brides should be sensitive to the cost of the bridesmaid’s dresses and choose styles that can be worn for other occasions. Because body types of all the bridesmaids will be different, choosing a style which flatters everyone can be difficult. A-line skirts. princess styles and empire waists tend to look good on most body types, if you want to choose one style of dress for all your attendants. Brides can choose a dress color and allow their attendants to wear different styles of dresses, in the same color, that flatters their different body shapes in the same length.

The color of the bridesmaid’s dresses must compliment the wedding dress. Brighter colors are generally more flattering than pastel hues on different skin tones. Dark-colored dresses like navy, dark green, and black look good on almost every skin color and can be worn to other events later. Fabrics that drape are more flattering than stiff fabrics.

Today there is flexibility in styles, fabrics and colors for the bride’s attendants. More options are the same color dresses in different shades of the same color, mixed color dresses, and / or mixed styles.

The bridesmaids can wear matching (dyed to match the dress) color shoes or a neutral color like nude, silver or gold. The bride can give jewelry as a gift to her bridesmaids so it all matches.

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