What can I wear to meet my boyfriend’s mother? We will be going to church. I have light blonde, green eyes & tan skin. I want to dress appropriately. We are teens.

What can I wear to meet my boyfriend's mother?Meeting your boyfriend’s mother is special. I commend you for planning ahead to make a good impression. A conservative approach is definitely the way to go because you are going to a church function or event with them.  Not knowing your body shape, etc. think about what you look good in and choose that kind of outfit. If you look better in pants than in a dress or skirt wear pants or vice versa. No matter what you wear it should fit you nicely not too tight or too baggy. If you decide on a dress or skirt it should not be too short; 2 -3 1/2  inches above the knee is conservative for a teenager. Your top should not be too low. In addition to choosing the right outfit good grooming is important. Be sure you have a nice hairstyle and that your makeup is light (if you wear any) and be sure your nails are clean. If you wear nail polish go with a neutral beige color. Avoid extremes in jewelry. Less is more when it comes to jewelry.

What can I wear to meet my boyfriend's mother? What can I wear to meet my boyfriend's mother? What can I wear to meet my boyfriend's mother?

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What Should a 16 year old high school student wear?
Your high school years are a time to experiment with clothes by trying a lot of different styles and colors to see which are most flattering. Determine your figure type / body shape (triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass or rectangle) so that you can choose styles that flatter you. Look around to see what other girls are wearing at your school that you think look good. Popular styles for teens are short skirts, shorts, and dresses with leggings or colored tights, jeans or skinny pants with colorful shirts, T’s and sweaters. Keep it simple. Get and stay in shape, eat healthy foods and get sleep so you look good in whatever you are wearing.

Dressing For Your Body Type
No two people are alike but there are similar shapes that can be categorized as body types. Knowing your body type/ shape is important. In order to look good you need to choose clothing styles that flatter you. Few if any of us have the “perfect figure.”

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