What body type am I?

What body type am I?What body type am I? My measurements are listed below:
Shoulder width = 34 inchs, Bust = 30 inches ,  Waist = 23 inches and hips = 34 inches.
Knowing your body type/ shape is important. In order to look good you need to choose clothing styles that flatter your figure type. Similar shapes can be categorized as typical body types. Common body types are: apple, pear (triangle), inverted triangle, rectangle and hourglass. The measurements you sent in indicate that you are a hour glass figure type. You can wear belts to show off your figure. Women with hour-glass figures look great in dresses with waistlines and skirts. No need to cover up or hide any figure faults. Stay away from clothing with blousy tops and loose-fitting dresses that will not flatter. You are most fortunate since the hour glass figure is the most perfect figure type.

What body type am I? What body type am I? What body type am I?

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