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The Latest Trend in Skincare:
Blemish Bomb Creams How To Protect Your Skin

If you haven’t heard of the blemish bomb by now, BB creams are the latest in all-in-one skincare products to protect your skin. Originally developed by a dermatologist in Germany in the 1950’s to protect skin after laser treatment and surgical procedures. They grew in popularity once they were introduced in South Korea and Japan in the 1980’s. Due to their all-in-one properties acting as primer, sun block, and moisturizer they quickly became a hit among Korean actresses. It was in 2011 that companies began to market these hot items to the western market and now they can be found at Sephora and your local drug stores.


There are already so many varieties available that choosing the right one can seem daunting, so here are some helpful hints before you make a purchase. The first thing is to asses what skin care needs you have, whether it be anti-aging, blemish control, or lightning. The anti-aging BB creams tend to be smoothing and very hydrating. The creams for blemish prone skin have skin clearing agents and have a more lightweight texture. Lastly, the whitening BB creams help to reduce redness (not actually lighten pigment) and even out skin tone. Most BB creams have a flexible tone pigment that tends to be in the medium to full coverage range, giving a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer as well as containing an SPF of 30-50.  Also, when testing the pigment, make sure it has a healthy warm color as the SPF ingredients in them can make the color look ashy. The best BB creams I have found have such good coverage that I don’t need to use a foundation with them, but you can do so if you desire.

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Sara Cuadra

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