Are black tie weddings formal affairs?

Are black tie weddings formal affairs?Black tie on an invitation means that the event is formal. Men wear tuxedos and women dress up. Today women dress more casual than years ago. Previously it was appropriate to wear floor length dresses / gowns when black tie was specified. Today fancy cocktail dresses or floor length gowns are appropriate. For black tie events in Washington DC,  for Opera, Ballet or Symphony openings more women will wear long gowns. A cocktail dress is appropriate for black tie weddings or events such as Xmas parties.

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Party Pockets
Party pockets? Would you wear an evening gown with pockets?  Forever pockets have been popular on dresses, skirts and pants. Now young and seasoned designers are adding pockets to the cocktail dress and evening gowns for a casual chic look. These designers feel that pockets can give a four figure priced dress a less pretentious, relaxed elegance.

Dress Up for the SF Autumn Viennese Waltz Ball
The Viennese Waltz Ball requests your presence. Like to dress up? Like to go waltzing? The San Francisco Waltzing Society presents the 2014 Autumn Viennese Waltz Ball on November 8, 2014. Waltzers will spin around the ballroom counter clockwise to a 30 piece orchestra. The Waltz Ball opens with The Grand March–this is a chance to see the other waltzers and get ready to have an elegant evening of fun. There will be ballroom dancing  to a live quartet for the Foxtrot, Rumba crowd alternating with the Symphonic orchestra playing Viennese Waltz. Terribly romantic and unforgettable!

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