Should we wear blue or black jeans?

Should we wear blue or black jeans?Should we wear blue or black jeans? Okay for my birthday I’m having my entire party dress alike. My shirt colors are a dark purple and the wording is a glittering black and I’ve decided to wear black boots. Now at first I said blue jeans. But now I’m not so sure. Should we wear blue or black jeans?

I love the idea for a birthday party where everyone wears the same colors and expresses their individuality and fashion ideas. My choice would be black jeans. They would look fabulous with dark purple shirts. Everyone can choose their own footwear and glittering black on their pants, shoes, boots and / or glittery belt. Some guests might add glitter or purple to their hair. Gosh it sounds like an awesome party!

Should we wear blue or black jeans? Should we wear blue or black jeans? Should we wear blue or black jeans?

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How to Wear the Metallic or Shiny Trend
The metallic or shiny trend is hot! There are several ways to wear the metallic or shiny trend. Stylist choose one key piece like a shirt, skirt or statement handbag that is in a metallic or shiny fabric and keep the rest of the outfit simple or in a classic style. Wearing two accessories in matching color metallic like a silver belt with silver shoes looks very chic. A metallic or shiny handbag and shoes worn together or a metallic or shiny handbag with a belt are other ways to go. Accessories in patent leather will ramp up your daytime and / or evening style.

What can I wear with a silver metallic skirt? I plan to wear this skirt to a dinner birthday party.
Your silver metallic skirt will be perfect for a dinner birthday party. Black and most colors will look fabulous with a silver metallic skirt. Choose a top in a color that looks good with your skintone color. The top you decide on should work with the style of your skirt. In general full skirts look best with fitted or cropped tops. Pencil style skirts can work with fuller style tops or fitted tops. Then pick the right accessories and jewelry. Your skirt will definitely make a statement so tone down your top, accessories and jewelry. A black top and accessories would look great with a silver metallic skirt for an evening dinner.

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