Big & Bold Stripes Rock

Big and Bold Stripes Big and Bold Stripes Big and Bold Stripes

Big and Bold Stripes

Big and bold stripes are classic and believe it or not have been around for many centuries. However at one time they were not considered fashionable. They were only worn by prisoners (because you could find them if they escaped) or lower and outsider classes.


We know stripes were popular with women in France during the 1800’s from paintings of Cezanne and Matisse and they continue today as classics in most women’s wardrobes. What is great about stripes is they can be worn in all four seasons and are versatile. Stripes can be casual when worn in a beach cover up over your swim suit or dressy in an elegant evening gown.

Paul C├ęzanne Matisse


This season the wider the better! Bold stripes were shown on many designer runways such as Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Missoni and many more. Wearing them with patterns like florals, geometric and animal prints can give you a new, modern and updated Look. But when pairing your stripes with other prints it is important to keep to the same or similar color palate. You can also combine wide and narrow stripes in the same outfit.

Big bold stripes that are vertical can be slimming when wearing pants or long skirts. Stripes on the diagonal can also be very flattering on many figures. However big, bold stripes are tricky to wear if you are petite or heavy. A bold horizontal stripe blouse or sweater can add volume to your bust area if you are small chested or add width in the hip area if you are narrowed hipped.

Add the bold stripe trend to any wardrobe with a striped accessory such as a handbag or scarf.

Big and Bold Stripes Big and Bold Stripes