What are beach wedding shoes? I have a beach wedding to go to in a few weeks. I have no idea what shoes to wear, they said make sure they are comfortable.

What are beach wedding shoes?Beach wedding shoes are a challenge. However now that summer is getting closer and there are so many beach weddings and beach destination weddings what are wedding guests to do. Plan to take your heels off for the beach part of the ceremony and slip on flip-flops or sandals. Flip-flop sandals are best for walking on the beach and are comfortable too. Something in metallic or embellished are dressy styles and would look nice with your wedding outfit and if the party remains at the beach you can wear them for the entire event.  The other option is to take your heels or good shoes off and go barefoot on the beach. You can put your heels or good shoes on when you leave the beach.

beach wedding shoes What are beach wedding shoes? beach wedding shoes


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