A Bathing Suit to Flatter Your Figure

Bathing Suit to FlatterBathing Suit to Flatter

Finding a bathing suit to flatter your figure, that fits well and is comfortable to wear is faced by every swimwear shopper. Start  by deciding what part of your body you want to accentuate or reveal. Maybe you have a pair of sexy gams or an attractive cleavage that deserves focus. What body parts do you prefer to hide? Once you decide you can look for a bathing suit to flatter your figure.

Below are tips to consider before you go shopping for the perfect bathing suit:

Full figures:
Stick to solid color suits with high necklines.

Large hips:

Solid color one piece bathing suits with high necks would be a good choice. Anything with detail near the bodice will call attention away from the hips.

Small hips:
Choose a suit with interest in the hip area like draping, pleats, ruffles, etc. A two piece suit with boy shorts is another option.

Large chested:
Look for suits with extra support and lift in the bust area (Wide straps give more support.) in a dark solid color bodice and a high neck. Balance with a wider-cut bottom.

Small chested:
Wear suits with padding in the bust area or choose a style with some design or detail like horizontal stripes across the bust area. Patterns on tops make breasts look bigger. Halter necks and bustier styles are good choices for small busted girls/women.

Hide tummies:

Tummy control bathing suits in dark colors and smooth fabrics are flattering on women with large stomach areas. Halter tops give a more elongated look. Any decoration or color that takes the eye away from the tummy area is good. A great beach bonnet and cool sun glasses will do the trick too.

No waist shapes:
Suits with side cut-outs or empire styles and diagonal stripes will help you look like you have more shape.

An empire waist style with separate bottom is a good choice for the most comfort.

More Tips:

Solid  color bathing suits in dark colors are the most slimming.

Suits with spandex/lycra will give a firmer look.

Bathing suits cut high on the hips make your legs look longer.

Vertical stripes will give shorter girls/women a longer look.

Horizontal stripes around the middle are great for tall thin girls.

Different color tops and bottoms will make you appear shorter. Not good for a short person.

Bikini styles work for the young and/or perfect figured woman.

Cut-out bathing suits look great on tall thin women (will leave tan marks where skin shows).

Bathing suits with large  or bold prints and patterns add weight to your look.


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