Basic White Blouses

Basic White BlousesCaroline  Herrera Blouse

Basic White Blouses
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Basic white blouses and / or white shirts are on center stage. They are versatile and can be worn any season of the year day or night. White blouses / shirts are wardrobe staples. Detailing such as pleats, open backs, cropped fronts, multiple layers, bib, collars, cuffs, darts, etc give a white blouse style.


Stylish white blouses can be “statement” pieces worn with long black skirts or worn with a pair of your favorite pants, jeans or a skirt. Wear white blouses and shirts with jewelry or colorful scarves. For the Board Room white blouses are awesome under jackets. You can’t have too many! With many choices at stores it is a great time to add a white blouse to your wardrobe.

Basic White Blouses   Basic White Blouses   Basic White Blouses

Choose one of these chic white blouses to update your wardrobe!

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