What is “athleisure”?

What is "athleisure"?“Athleisure” is the combination of leisure and athletic wear; or premium-priced fashion focused activewear such as designer running shorts, tracksuit pants, sports leggings, lycra Y-back tops, cashmere sweats, etc. Clothing that is appropriate for either athletic or leisure activities. Already yoga pants have gone mainstream on city streets with the fashion focused woman. More women are adopting performance and sports inspired clothes for their casual wear. Look for athleisure styles from Nike, Lululemon, Under Armour and Athleta.

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Fitness Goals
Losing weight continues to be the number one fitness goal. If it’s to become a long term reality, exercise is an important part of the equation. When it comes to fitness goals, ideally they should include something specific for every component of fitness that you need to focus on. These might include muscle endurance, muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance and /or flexibility. To make the goal measurable, consider the amount of time, type of activity (cycling, weight lifting, swimming, etc.), intensity, frequency.

Dieting Basics
Dieting basics will get one started on the road to healthy eating. January has gone and my New Year’s resolution to become a healthier version of myself is right on track.  Although setting New Year’s resolutions often don’t work, I did find that the process of setting a goal this year helped me imagine how I wanted to be in the near future.  It’s never too late to set a goal for yourself, and you don’t need a new year to do so—especially if it helps you to achieve something beneficial and positive.


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