Is the athleisure trend still “in style”?

Is the athleisure trend still "in style"?The athleisure trend is still “in style” for Spring 2017. Sporty clothes were hot at the spring designer runway shows. DKNY,  Dolce & Gabbana, Max Mara and Versace showed a number of looks in the athleisure category.  Some of the reasons athleisure is popular is that it is so comfortable and you can wear it everywhere. You might be thinking that you won’t look great in some skin tight athleisure styles and you are right. However  stores like Athleta® and lululemon®Athletica sometimes have softer styles that are great for folks that are over 25. You have to try a number of styles on to find a style you find flattering. If you want to add this trend do an Internet search and see what”s available.

Is the athleisure trend still "in style"? Is the athleisure trend still "in style"? Is the athleisure trend still "in style"?

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Wearing the Athleisure Trend
The athleisure trend is gaining momentum because women are embracing healthier lifestyles and demanding more clothing that is functional. Many women have embraced wearing workout clothes (sporty & luxe) all day long, all around town. It is now totally acceptable to wear your athleisure outfit all day, every day except when going to work in most offices. Athleisure is about comfy clothing such as baggy yoga pants, leggings, sports bras, tanks and trousers.

Travel in Style and Comfort
It is possible to travel in style and comfort by air even when you must endure many hours sitting on an airplane. The desire to be comfortable should be number one on your list but looking good is important too.  You never know who you might meet when traveling. Today there is an abundance of comfortable stylish sportswear, loungewear, and footwear to choose from when putting together a travel outfit. Fashion today is very casual and more about effortless style than glamour. When selecting travel clothes dark colors won’t show dirt, and knits and fabrics with some stretch are comfortable and retain their shape. Another consideration would be clothing that is easy to care for.

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