Are shorts in the office appropriate?

Are shorts in the office appropriate?In a corporate work environment shorts are not appropriate. However if you work in advertising, public relations, media or the tech industry they can be appropriate. The right jacket with tailored shorts in the right length (longer) or a shorts suit in a print or solid color (matching shorts and jacket) are very chic in the summer. Heels with a dressy button down shirt, knee length shorts and jacket look professional. If the shorts are shorter a more covered up upper half looks stylish. When in doubt don’t is a good rule to follow!

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Ever since humankind slipped into the first animal pelt, rafia skirt or toga, clothing has been used as a powerful communication tool. Whether it’s pips on a General’s epaulet, ermine on a Lord’s robes or stripes on an old Etonian’s tie, clothing is ubiquitously used to denote background, status and power.

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