Is it appropriate to wear dressy Capris to wedding? It is a late afternoon event at a country club in May.

Is it appropriate to wear dressy Capris to wedding?Capi pants come to the mid calf of your leg and are considered a casual style pant. Dressy Capris suggest that they are made from a dressy fabric, silk or satin, etc. If you can pair your pants with a stylish top and accessories, a pair of stylish shoes, and a good-looking pashmina shawl or jacket, Capri pants can be appropriate for a late afternoon May wedding. Today fashion rules are less rigid. Weddings are festive occasions to dress up. If  your outfit looks dressy and flattering on you it should work. However you need to feel confident and comfortable wearing your Capri pants outfit to have a good time.

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What Should the Wedding Guest Wear?
As far as accessories, don’t go over do the top with jewelry. Shoes that you can dance in or stand on your feet in for several hours are the best choice. They don’t have to be frumpy. A dressy pump or slingback style shoe in suede, patent leather or metallic looks like party time. Handbags should be small. A smart clutch, just big enough for your essentials is perfect.

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