Are ankle boots office appropriate?

Are ankle boots office appropriate?Ankle boots are office appropriate in some work environments. They definitely look fine in the fashion world and creative type offices /companies.  If they are worn with pants or classic clothing (in good taste) they can work in some more formal offices. In good taste means clothing that is not too short, too tight, too low-cut and is age appropriate. The office scene has loosened up over the last several years. What was not appropriate to wear not too long ago has become more popular to wear. However a conservative approach to office attire is a must for women wanting to climb the corporate ladder.

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Power Work Clothes
Power work clothes are simple style, tailored classics that are not frilly. You can build a work wardrobe of basic styles that say you are confident in who you are and that you are professional.

Color and Business Attire
Color implies energy and a youthful attitude. Top executives in any company set the fashion trends for the office workers. Women who have reached high levels in their fields are more confident and not afraid to wear more color even in many conservative companies. Before you decide on how much color you can wear to the office consider the top executives and how they dress. The type of work environment in your organization is another important factor.

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