Angi Bachmann, Professional Tennis Player

Angi Bachmann, Professional Tennis Player

Angi Bachmann
German Tennis Champion in 2004

Munich , Germany
Education: student (business administration)

Angelica (Angi) Bachmann, 27, has been playing tennis since she was 4 years old. She finished high school and at age19 became a professional tennis player. Angi played well and earned enough money to afford her travel expenses. She loves tennis and would like to improve her ranking, from 110 in doubles and 250 in singles, to a top 100 player. Because Angi likes to travel, her career as a professional tennis player is perfect for her. She played in 28 tennis tournaments in 2006.


Angi looks forward to enjoying the perks of a high-ranked tennis player.  A top player will travel in style, be picked up at airports and stay in first class hotels, paid for by the tournaments.  In addition, she will have the opportunity to win more money.
As a lower-ranked player, Angi has to organize most of her own travel, take public transportation from airports, and stay with families to avoid the expense of hotels.  Angi does say, however, that she does enjoy meeting some wonderful people with whom she has lodged during the tournaments.

Like everything in life, she believes that being a professional tennis player depends on what you make of it.  Angi says she has had some bad times, bad  trips and bad matches, but focuses only on the good memories of her experiences and tournaments.  She has had the opportunity to travel to many countries and meet interesting competitors, and experience new cultures and customs.

Qualities (besides tennis ability) that she feels are important to being successful as a ranked player are an enjoyment of travel, discipline (for working out, etc.) and being focused on and off the court.  Although  Angi doesn’t have lots of time for friends or parties, she does make time for her other interests which are going to movies, reading books, and yoga.
Her biggest win was the German Ladies Championship in 2004 and her fondest memory a practice with Steffi Graf in Melbourne , Australia .

Angi travels with  5 skirts and 5 matching shirts and about 15 other shirts and 5 shorts for the practice.  She gets her tennis clothes from FILA.
Angi uses sun blocker to protect her skin and keeps physically fit going to the gym to work out and running.