Adorn Your Hair for a Festive Look

Adorn Your HairHeadbands, Scarves, Flower Clips, Jeweled Barrettes

Why not adorn your hair? When looking at options for changing your hair, different types of accessories can be a fresh solution. Whenever I feel that “bored with my look” mood surfacing, a quick rummage through my accessory drawer always provides the best remedy in two ways.

First, and most obvious, the instant gratification of seeing something different and second; the creativity involved in giving a different shape and silhouette to my appearance, can really snap me out of something that has become too routine.  Let’s face it ladies, sometimes we need a little reminder to adorn ourselves and let our beauty radiate, and this is a fun way to do just that! Headbands, scarves, flower clips, jeweled barrettes are a great place to start.

Adorn Your Hair Adorn Your Hair Adorn Your Hair

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Sara Beth Cuadra
Guest Writer




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