Add Sparkle for Magical Eyes!

Add Sparkle for Magical Eyes!
Add Sparkle for Magical Eyes!

Add some sparkle for magical eyes! The latest trends in make up are metallic and cream eye shadows, making matte powder eye shadows passe. Glittery / metallic eye shadow is perfect for all women and will add some sparkle and excitement to a holiday look without breaking the budget.

These new offerings are silky smooth and the glitter shadows blend almost seamlessly with your skin. You can apply the new eye shadows very thinly or heavier depending on the effect you are trying to achieve and they are long lasting (some claim up to 16 hours). Also glitter pencils that can be used alone or applied over eye shadow are trends this holiday season. Make a Statement with show-stopping eye makeup or creative takes on the classic eyeliner look. Create a stand-out look for holiday nights out!

 Color Tips:

  • Pale gold, soft beige or pale silver shadows for fair skin females.
  • Rose or gold colors look great on medium tone skin types.
  • Bronzes are great with darker skintones.

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