How can I accessorize a raspberry chiffon gown? I plan to wear this to a New Years Ball at a hotel in NYC.

How can I accessorize a raspberry chiffon gown?A chiffon gown is so luxurious and sensual and the color raspberry is delicious! You have a number of options regarding accessories. One statement piece of jewelry will be enough such as fabulous earrings. Choose shoes that are very simple in style like pumps, slingbacks or another dressy style. Some accessory ideas are: silver shoes and a silver evening bag with sparkly jewelry such as quality rhinestones would work. If you are fortunate to have diamonds they would be awesome with silver accessories and this raspberry dress. If you want to go with neutral / nude color shoes and a neutral color bag, pearl or gold jewelry would be fabulous. Wear gold bling with gold shoes and a soft gold color clutch bag. Black shoes can be worn with sparkly jewelry and a silver sequin or black beaded bag. It is a good idea to take the time to experiment with different combinations of accessories a few days a head of time with the hairstyle you plan to wear that evening.

How can I accessorize a raspberry chiffon gown? How can I accessorize a raspberry chiffon gown? How can I accessorize a raspberry chiffon gown?

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