What color accessories can I wear with an abstract print dress with black straps? I plan to wear this dress to a summer wedding.

What color accessories can I wear with an abstract print dress with black straps?An abstract print dress will be lovely at a summer wedding. You can go with black or white shoes with the dress. If you decide to wear black shoes with the abstract print carry a different color clutch so you don’t look too matchy, matchy. You can experiment with a bag matching one of the colors in the abstract print of the dress or a metallic color (gold or silver) and see which looks best. If you wear white shoes you can carry a black clutch or a black beaded bag with texture to coordinate with the black straps that will add style to what you are wearing. A pair of statement earrings  will draw attention to your face and head area.

Pearl Earring White Shoes Drop Earring


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Dressing Tips for Wedding Guests
Start by checking the wedding invitation for any dress code or specific wedding type. If it is a formal wedding it will probably indicate “Black Tie”.  Check where and when the wedding will take place. Answers to these questions will provide clues as to what is appropriate to wear. Today many couples have a wedding site that provides information on the theme or dress code for the wedding.

What Should the Wedding Guest Wear?
Be a stylish wedding guest! Weddings are to celebrate, occasions to dress up. The wedding invitation provides the information to help you decide what to wear. Daytime (morning and afternoon) weddings are more casual than evening or formal weddings. Today any color is appropriate with the exception of white which is reserved for the bride.

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