What should I wear to the 2017 US Open Tennis Tournament?

hould I wear to the 2017 US Open Tennis Tournament?The US Open Tennis Tournament 2017 begins this week. In addition to some great tennis matches it’s a great place to be seen and people watch. It can get very hot in Flushing, New York in August and early September so double-check the weather report before you choose your outfit. On hot days a sundress, maxi dress, shorts or skirt with a tank top, or something lightweight will keep you comfortable. Tops with cut-outs or peek-a-boo details are hip. Off the shoulder or one shoulder tops are in style and will keep you looking stylish. Mix prints when wearing separates for some fun. On cool days or evenings a pair of casual pants and top plus a light weight jacket or sweater for a drop in the temperature is a good idea. Style anything you wear with a hat, comfortable shoes and a pair of shades. Don’t forget a supply of sunscreen for protection from the sun.

hould I wear to the 2017 US Open Tennis Tournament? hould I wear to the 2017 US Open Tennis Tournament? hould I wear to the 2017 US Open Tennis Tournament?

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Is the bare shoulder look appropriate for all women?
The bare shoulder look is great for women of all ages. Shoulders are beautiful! Bare shoulders are flattering, feminine and fetching. The look is very sexy on both young and older females. If you don’t want to accentuate unattractive arms there are a number of styles that have long sleeves that look très chic. If you are blessed with beautiful arms you can wear the off the shoulder look with any length sleeve. Style the bare shoulder look over tank tops and blouses. For an exciting night out a classic white off the shoulder top looks chic with black pants and statement earrings. Another way to rock this look is a monochromatic (all one color) outfit. A top in a color in this style looks fabulous with shorts or calf length pants for a casual look. A trendy look would be adding the corset trend over an off the shoulder top or wear a summer shift with bare shoulders to stay cool! If you are small look for a streamlined version.

Can a printed top be worn with a printed bottom? If so, what types of prints can be combined?
Mixing prints and patterns is a big trend today. A printed top can be worn with a printed bottom and look very stylish but takes a little experimenting to get it right. To start the process or choosing prints that work together: 1) Combine florals with animal prints, stripes, or polka dots. 2) Wear small prints on top with larger prints on the bottom in the same color.  3) Combining a stripe top with a polka dot bottom looks great.

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