What are some 2016 summer fashion trends for everyone?

What are some 2016 summer fashion trends?

Summer fashion trends for everyone in 2016. 1) Shoes. Stacked heel sandals (pictured) in low or high styles say chic with everything from shorts to maxi dresses. Mules are another hot shoe trend that are casual and comfortable and there are a number of fabulous looking styles to try. There are mule style shoes that work with casual or dressy outfits. 2) Denim is hot for 2016. No matter your figure or age anything in denim will say modern chic. One piece in denim or head to toe denim is trendy. 3) The color orange. If you don’t want to make a statement with an orange dress, skirt or pants add an orange scarf to a hat or handbag. Adding any or all of these 3 summer fashion trends will bring any of your outfits up-to-date.

What are some 2016 summer fashion trends for everyone?


What are some 2016 summer fashion trends for everyone?


Orange Shawl


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Stand Out Styles for 2016 Spring / Summer!
Stand out styles for 2016 Spring / Summer are on there way or in your favorite stores now. There is something for everyone so don’t despair. Designers have heard women’s desires for comfortable and more relaxed clothing and there are more choices than ever before.

The Latest Fashion Trend: Break a Fashion Rule
If you want to look chic and / or ramp up your style the latest fashion trend is to break a fashion rule. Patterns and prints that clash, bold and bright colors, layer multiple pieces, print shoes with print dresses, print  skirts or print pants or wear  a ball gown with trainers. Fashionistas are wearing pajamas with hats and heels,  underwear is now outerwear and women are even wearing white to weddings when they are not the bride.

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