12 Tips to Prevent Stress and Depression

Prevent Stress and Depression
Prevent Stress and Depression

It is important to know how to prevent stress and depression. Everyone can get stressed out or be depressed at times when something sad happens. Friends get sick, can’t find a job or a parent dies and it is normal to be sad and depressed. However prolonged depression or when you can’t get out of bed and / or function normally it is important to see a physician. Sometimes medication may be needed or other professional help. Below are tips that will help prevent depression all year-long.

12 Tips to Prevent Stress and Depression
Remember to keep them in mind during holiday seasons.

From the Mayo Clinic

1.   Acknowledge your feelings.
2.   Seek support.
3.   Be realistic.
4.   Set differences aside.
5.   Stick to a budget.
6.   Plan ahead.
7.   Learn to say no.
8.   Don’t abandon healthy habits.
9.   Take a breather.
10. Rethink resolutions.
11. Forget about perfection.
12. Seek professional help if you need it.

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