10 Items Every Woman Must Own

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Fashion “Must Haves”

Every woman has certain “must haves” in their life. These often involve clothing that needs to be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Here are 10 items a woman must have in her wardrobe.

1) Classic Black Blazer

A black blazer is one of the most diverse pieces of clothing in the world. This item is classic and always fashionable. A fitted blazer is the best blazer because no matter what body type a woman has, the blazer will make her look and feel like a million dollars. The diversity of this clothing item means it can easily be paired with dress pants for the office and jeans for dinner at home with the family. Skirts and dresses are also complemented by the addition of a black blazer, which can help a woman easily transition from a work meeting to a dinner party. The key to looking great in a blazer is to find one that accentuates the waist of the woman wearing it.


2) Leopard Print Scarf

The classic look of a leopard print scarf can change any outfit from bland to exciting. Even a casual outfit of t-shirt and jeans can be complemented with the use of a leopard print scarf. This diverse accessory can be paired with a number of different outfits and is appropriate to wear all year-long.

3) Trench Coat
While they used to be strictly for men, women have discovered that a trench coat is a great way to stay warm, dry and fashionable all at once. A reliable trench coat can last for many years and is appropriate for just about any occasion.

4) Diamond Earrings
Every woman deserves to own a pair of diamond earrings. This classic style is the perfect finishing touch for any occasion that calls for elegance and sophistication. Even a modestly sized diamond can equal earrings that women can be proud to own a pair of. These earrings go with everything and the only limit to wearing them is the individual’s imagination. Since diamond earrings will always be in style they are an investment any smart woman can afford to make.

diamondstudearring5) French Cut Dress Shirts

A white French Cut dress shirt is a classic piece of clothing every woman should own at least one of. Pants and skirts look equally fashionable when paired with a French Cut dress shirt. The cuffs on these shirts are fancy enough to allow a woman to dress formally while still remaining comfortable. The diversity French Cut dress shirts present make them a perfect choice to wear to work, church or anything in between. They are appropriate for so many different occasions and can be worn all year-long. The best part for some women is the fact that these shirts don’t need to be ironed frequently in order to maintain their quality.

6) Black Pumps
A killer pair of black heels is a must have for every woman on the planet. Aside from the fact that they will never go out of style, black pumps go with almost anything if a woman knows how to wear them correctly. Black pumps can be worn with jeans, an evening gown, a skirt and almost anything else. Both dressy and casual events are perfect opportunities to wear this type of shoe. Whether they are plain or they have a pattern, black pumps are diverse enough to find a place in any woman’s wardrobe no matter what her personal style is.


7) Black Suit
No matter what a woman does for a living at some point she will have an occasion to wear a black suit. They are perfect for work and for functions that take place outside the office but still call for a professional look. A well fitted black suit can make a woman look confident and sophisticated even if she doesn’t feel that way inside. The beauty of a black suit is that either the jacket or the skirt can be paired with other pieces of clothing to create new outfits.

8) Black Velvet Jacket
Though velvet isn’t generally worn all year-long it is still good to have a black velvet jacket for the holiday season. This classic item can be paired with jeans or worn over a dress or skirt. It adds a holiday feel to any outfit.

9) Beaded or Sequined Sweater
It is also good to have a beaded or sequined sweater for the holidays as well. This can add a fancy touch to any outfit.

10) Pencil Skirt
For work, holiday parties and more, a pencil skirt is a woman’s best friend. It is casual and comfortable but still fashionable.

In addition to the right clothes every woman should own at least one bottle of Dior perfume. This sophisticated perfume can give any woman an instant confidence and self- esteem.



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