Dressing For Your Body Type

Dressing For Your Body TypeDressing For Your Body Type

No two people are alike but there are similar shapes that can be categorized as body types. Knowing your body type/ shape is important. In order to look good you need to choose clothing styles that flatter you. Few if any of us have the “perfect figure.”

1. Apple body types are full in the mid section. Never wear clothing with details around the waist area. Never wear a belt or a short skirt. Draw attention above the bust. Tailored style clothing is very flattering on apple body types.

2 . Pear body types or triangle-shaped bodies have a smaller top with narrow shoulders, average bust & waist but larger in the hip area. When choosing styles for this figure type emphasis should be on the top. Tops with scoop necks, trims around the neckline or off-the shoulder tops are good choices for a person with a pear shape figure. Blouses in bright colors, prints, and styling like wide shoulders, pleating and draping, on top draw the eye upward. Dark colors for bottoms (skirts and pants) look best on pear shape figures. Boot leg pants give this figure type a slim look. Pants/slacks should be plain and smooth in the hip area (no pockets). A-line skirts are the most flattering on this figure type.

3. Hour glass figure types have the best of both worlds. Fitted styles with natural waistlines look best. You can wear belts to show off your figure.  Women with hour-glass figures look great in dresses with waistlines and skirts. No need to cover up or hide any figure faults. Stay away from clothing with blousy tops and loose-fitting dresses that will not flatter. The Hour Glass Figure is the Perfect Figure Type.

4. Rectangle body types are about the same width in the bust, hips and very little difference in the waist. This figure type has to make the waist appear smaller. This is done by choosing clothing that gives your shoulders a wider look and fullness in the hip area.

5. The inverted triangle body shape figure is large on top and can have generous tummy. Vertical stripes V necklines and open jackets are good choices since they elongate your look. Mid-rise boot cut pants and A-line solid color dresses are flattering.

Choosing Clothes That Flatter You

In general tall and slender women look good wearing different color tops and bottoms to shorten their appearance. Another trick to appear shorter if you are tall and thin is to wear a wide or decorative belt. Stick with flats and lower heel shoe styles so that you don’t look too tall.

If you are short wear monochromatic colors. They will make your look taller. Long straight or boot leg style pants will look best on you.  Choose shoe styles with heels to make you look taller. Prints, patterns and accessories should be in proportion to your size.

4 Tips For Looking Good

1. Good Grooming
2. Up-to-Date Hair Style
3. Proper Fitting Undergarments
4. Clothing That Fits Well and is Flattering on You

Belt with Shell Buckle

Wear a Wide or Decorative Belt to Appear Shorter
Nude Color Pumps
Nude Color shoes Elongate Your Legs