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Can I wear taupe color shoes with my raspberry & ivory floral print dress?Q.  Can I wear taupe color shoes with my raspberry & ivory floral print dress? The dress has a handkerchief hem and I plan to wear it with a complementing raspberry shrug out on a date this weekend. What should I do about selecting my purse for the evening.

 A.  Your taupe color shoes (3 inch pumps) will be perfect with your dress. You can carry a taupe color bag or choose a bag in a color that is in the print of your dress. Another option would be a pewter or a soft gold color bag and wear matching metal (gold or silver) jewelry to look très_chic. A hankerchief dress is so feminine, sexy and flowy and will definitely make a fashion statement in an ivory and raspberry floral print. It is also very versatile. By changing your accessories, you can turn your dress into a casual weekend outfit. Swap your the pumps and the raspberry shrug / shawl for a cardigan or a denim jacket and maybe a cross-body bag and sandals and you have another outfit.

Ways to Combine Colors in Clothes

Combine colors in clothes to create a signature look and update your wardrobe. Color this season is like fireworks, the bolder the better. Mixing a number of colors together not matching colors is one way to look chic this season. Color brightens your mood.and vibrant colors or a mix of colors gives you a youthful and energetic look.

Look at art and get ideas for combining colors from famous artists. Matisse is famous for using colors and combining patterns in his paintings. Indian women are experts at wearing multiple colors at one time. Look at bold prints and choose the colors in the print for an outfit. Add one bright color with two more subdued colors or wear a bold print and choose colors in the print for other pieces of clothing to make an outfit. Go wild! Choose a favorite classic piece from your wardrobe, such as navy pants, and add a pink blouse or sweater and a different color pair of shoes like red. Below are some color combinations for smashing looking outfits:

Ways to Combine Colors in Clothes Ways to Combine Colors in Clothes Ways to Combine Colors in Clothes Ways to Combine Colors in Clothes

Combine your three or more color ensembles with neutral color and / or metallic accessories. Metal (gold or silver) jewelry is safe with multi-color clothes or choose something in color if it works with what you are wearing. Have fun experimenting with colors, jewelry and accessories.

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